Leicester's Original Brewpub

Leicester's Original Brewpub

yes, at west end brewery, we do brew on-site

 Our custom built HOPLEX combi brewhouse lives out in the back of the pub.  At 5bbl (brewers barrel) brew length, it’ll make sure you never go thirsty any time soon!  Capable of producing 2,880 PINTS a week! (or 147,760 pints a year) 

The brewhouse is comprised of a Hot Water Tank/Mash Tun Combo, central manifold & 6.5bbl Kettle. These are accompanied by two 5.5bbl conical unitanks for fermenting our new brews in. 

Currently we only cask our own beer, however we will be moving into kegging & potentially some bottling.

want to find out more about how we brew at west end brewery?

In 2020 we are launching our brewery tour and tasting evenings, where you can learn about the brewing process at the WEB and have an in-depth tasting of our beers, to find out what differentiates beer styles brewed at the WEB.

here’s some of the beers we brew